ROBERT NACKMAN (Executive Producer/Production Executive, CPA) 

Robert Nackman has spent the nearly 30 years in worldwide commercial production as a production executive working at some of the industry’s leading production companies including Propaganda Films and Tony Kaye Films. 

Nackman has overseen the production of hundreds of commercials, music videos, and branded content projects.  His diverse skill set, including his designation as Certified Public Accountant coupled with his roles as Head Of Production and Executive Producer, makes him uniquely qualified to manage hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial production budgets, an expert at bidding commercial shoots throughout the world and preside over the day-to-day operations Shine Box. Well-known for proficient production planning, Robert collaborates closely with all clients to design production strategies and create cost-efficient, high-quality content.

Nackman began his career in the industry in 1989 as a staff production supervisor at Propaganda Films. During his career, Robert has worked with directors including: David Fincher, Michael Bay, Spike Jones, Tony Kaye, David McNally, Dominic Sena, Simon West, Fred Goss, Peter Lyden, Harald Zwart, Antoine Fuqua, Mark Romanek, Philippe Andre, Peter Farrelly, The Coen Brothers and many more.